Give to support our cause and help us make a difference in the lives of our students. Your contribution will enable us to continue our vital work, provide essential resources, and reach more students in need. Together, we can create lasting change and build a better future. Thank you for your generosity and support.


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  • Annual Fund

    Annual Fund

    The Annual Fund is instrumental in advancing our mission by providing crucial support across various initiatives. Your contributions help fund scholarships for deserving students, innovative teaching and research projects, and improvements to campus infrastructure and technology. By supporting the Annual Fund, you directly impact the lives of our students, ensuring they have the necessary tools and resources to succeed.

    Your generosity can truly make a difference. Every donation, regardless of size, enables us to uphold our commitment to delivering a world-class education and maintaining our leadership in higher learning. Whether you choose to support a specific program or make a general donation, your contribution will be greatly valued and immediately applied where it is most needed.

    We invite you to join us in empowering the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators. During the 2023-2024 Academic Year alone, the Carteret Community College Foundation provided over $468,000 in vital support to the College. Thank you for your continued generosity and support!

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  • Scholarship Funding

    Scholarship Funding

    As we turn our gaze towards the future, we are reaching out for donations to support both annual and endowed need-based scholarships. These scholarships play a crucial role in enabling deserving students to pursue their aspirations and attain academic excellence. Your contribution will empower more students to access the resources they require for success.

    In the 2023-2024 Academic Year alone, the Carteret Community College Foundation allocated over $165,000 in scholarship funding. We deeply appreciate your invaluable support!

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  • Program Support

    Program Support

    Our Foundation is currently seeking support to attract and retain exceptional instructors who serve as the cornerstone of our institution. These educators play a pivotal role in shaping the minds and futures of our students. By contributing to our cause, you help us maintain a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about teaching and mentoring.

    In addition to securing outstanding faculty, we are committed to providing our students with access to cutting-edge equipment and technology. These resources are essential for continually enhancing our curriculum and supporting the professional growth of our staff. By keeping our educational tools up-to-date, we ensure our students receive a superior and relevant education.

    Your donation can have a profound impact. Whether it goes towards improving our facilities, updating our technological infrastructure, or funding professional development programs, every contribution brings us closer to achieving excellence in education.

    We invite you to join us in this endeavor. Together, we can create an environment where students thrive, faculty excel, and the community benefits from a well-educated and skilled workforce.

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